Detectives searching for the missing British toddler Ben Needham on Kos are examining a new site

Detectives searching for the missing British toddler Ben Needham on Kos are examining a new site on the Greek island.

The second search area is close to where Ben, then 21 months old, disappeared from a farmhouse in 1991, and was reportedly brought to the attention of British police in June.

DI Jon Cousins, from South Yorkshire police, said the search of the new site would take several days.

He told the Mirror: “Work has been ongoing for the past few days on the second site that has been discussed. That work is continuing this morning in the planning and organising of getting that land ready so we can continue the work.”

It came as Ben’s grandfather, Eddie Needham, visited the island, where a South Yorkshire police team has been searching for 10 days in an attempt to discover what happened to the toddler.

Needham said he hoped to get answers about his grandson’s fate before he dies, but found it hard to go to the island.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “To be honest, I nearly did turn around and not come. I was going to cancel because I felt shocking, my stomach was churning. I didn’t know what I was going to be met with, or what they’d found.”

South Yorkshire police began digging at the farmhouse after fresh evidence was found that Ben, from Sheffield, may have been killed and buried there, yards from where he vanished while his grandfather was renovating the property.

A 19-member team was sent to the island to investigate claims that the toddler might have been killed by a digger driver working on the 2.5-acre site.

Konstantinos Barkas, known as Dino, was clearing land with an excavator close to where Ben was playing on the day he vanished and may be responsible for his death, a friend of the builder reportedly told police after a TV appeal in May.

Barkas reportedly died of stomach cancer last year.

Ben’s mother, Kerry Needham, had been warned to “prepare for the worst”.

Source: The Guardian