Digital Min. meets with EU Commissioners about Greece’s digital transformation

Ultra fast broadband, a private-public sector collaboration and the largest broadband project in Europe, was the focus of talks Digital Policy, Telecoms and Information Minister Nikos Pappas had on Tuesday with EU Commissioners Corina Cretu of Regional Policy and Mariya Gabriel of Digital Economy and Society.

Pappas said talks related to Greece’s digital transformation, and “large, across-the-board projects that will change the way the public and private sectors work, as well as primary production.”

The minister said that a series of initiatives was being introduced that would provide greater use of electronic documents in the public sector, making life easier for Greek citizens. Another system to be introduced in the near future would allow farmers to get specialised advice about problems.

The actions being implemented, the minister said, “will very soon change the way we enjoy several goods, leisure time, services provided by the state and the ways we communicate among ourselves.” He added that Greece was recognised last year for a project providing broadband access to rural areas and for the super fast broadband plan promoted with the private sector.