Digital Policy Min Pappas expresses optimism over Greece’s prospects

Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Nikos Pappas expressed optimism on Tuesday over the prospects of the Greek economy through the development of contemporary and credible networks.
Pappas was speaking at the EU-Eurasia-China Business Summit.

Moreover, he stressed that Greece is using its geographical position as the country is a hub between a mature (European) economy and emerging economies (Asian-Eastern) that can only offer benefits to the peoples of those nations.

Pappas described the development of networks as a basis for global economic developments in the coming years, with rapid growth. Therefore, he added, the country is developing modern and reliable networks. As an example, he cited the optical fiber transmission systems that will extend up to Promachonas on Greece’s northern border, or the new generation of networks that will be used on rail and road networks, as well ports.

“Greece has a crucial role to play and everyone has recognised this,” he noted, adding that there is the political will to meet the prior actions with credibility. He added that China has a strong business interest in contributing to infrastructure networks and supplies, noting that new technologies will bring important investments to Greece.