Digital Policy Min Pappas: Greece is called to exploit advantages in space sector

An important sector is opening up that will mark the passage to fair and sustainable development, Minister for Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Nikos Pappas said on Monday in a conference organised by the Athens Observatory.

“We are participating in the dialogue that has opened up to exploiting space capabilities,” he said, adding that “we must look to the future and make the most of the country’s potential.” As Pappas noted, “We have the people and the know-how. Greece is called to take advantage of its potential.”
“We are not being left behind,” he said, adding that Greece hopes to “bring the technology of the future to the present.”

In particular, Pappas referred to the need to prioritize needs and exploit all possibilities through synergies, so that space technologies can be integrated into the private, public and everyday life of the citizen.