Digital Policy Min Pappas: There is no room for further austerity

There is no room for further austerity, Minister for Digital Policy, Information and Telecommunications Nikos Pappas on Tuesday said in an interview with ANT1 TV.

“Any interventions to be made will have no fiscal impact,” he added.

“Measures and countermeasures that will be applied as of 2019 will be voted together,” he underlined.
He estimated that there is room for fiscal interventions that will change the policy mix and stressed the need for reforms.

“If there is intervention in the tax free threshold, then we will have to examine measures for fair and efficient tax relief,” he noted. For example, he said, the wealth tax may be increased but tax on basic goods may be reduced. The reduction of ENFIA (Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax) is also among the planned tax reliefs.

On the labour issues, he said that there is optimism adding that collective agreements will return and the percentage of mass layoffs will remain stable.

He underlined that the government’s aim is to have the second programme review concluded as soon as possible explaining that there is no reason for delays.