Digital Policy Min: The government has proven it’s stable and can resolve chronic problems

The idea of early elections is a fervent hope of those who believe that a leftist government is here briefly, to be gone tomorrow, Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas said on Wednesday in an interview with Alpha radio station.

“The government has proven it is stable and has the power to solve long-standing problems,” Pappas said, underlining that elections will be held when the government completes its term in September 2019. “The country’s overall recovery is marked by the fact that we have political stability,” he said.

Speaking about the establishment of a space organization, Pappas said: “Our country is at a critical place on the map, which means there is a need to develop its own Earth observation services on issues related to accident prevention as well as for national security. At the same time, our universities will be able to produce micro-satellites from start to finish.”

Referring to some of the benefits of space-related benefits, he noted that “intelligent agriculture can transform the way primary production works, as it can lead to savings of 30% to 45%. It is a revolutionary type of change in primary production.”

Pappas said that 2018 will be an important year. “The Public Investment Program has already set aside 230 million euros for digital policy projects that will transform the way we perceive our relationship with production, the operation of the state and the relationship of the citizen with the state,” he stressed.

“The government has proved that it knows and can protect the public interest. The state should ensure that new technologies are disseminated in an effective way and reach every citizen of the country,” he said.