Digital policy minister asks NCRTV to ‘speed up’ TV station licencing process

Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Minister Nikos Pappas on Tuesday sent a letter to the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV), asking it to draw up a “final timetable” and deadlines for issuing national television content licences. According to Pappas, it was vital that action be taken to “speed up” the tender.

“It is judged imperative in order to, on the one hand, immediately end the quasi-legal operation of television content providers and, on the other hand, secure revenue for the public sector in the currently difficult economic time for the country.”

Among others, the minister asked for a specific date by which a tender for the licences will be announced, the dates by which candidates must submit their bids and indicative dates for when the tender will take place and licences issued.

In his letter, Pappas cited a Council of State ruling finding that it was unconstitutional to indefinitely prolong the currently illegal regime for founding and operating television licences. Pointing out that the NCRTV’s approval was required in order to decide both the number of licences that will be issued and their starting price, he urged the authority to immediately begin deliberating on these two issues so that the tender process might begin.