Digital Policy Minister Pappas: Greece should be included in QE programme immediately

The tender for the TV licences will be conducted according to the existing law. The procedure restarts normally, noted Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas to Athens Macedonian News Agency.

On the second review of the Greek programme, Pappas said that the government’s plan does not change. “We will intensify our political and diplomatic efforts and we will open a political dialogue.

Asked on German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s recent statements, Pappas pointed out the danger to prevail the views that want new delays. He noted that IMF has highly contributed in the up to date delays adding that the Fund that appears to have objections over the course of the programme “should decide soon what it wants “.

Pappas underlined that the rules can’t be a la carte and there is no reason Greece not to be included in ECB’s quantitative easing programme immediately.