Digital Policy Minister Pappas: Greece will forge ahead in new comms networks, IoT

Greece will not lag behind in the major changes now occurring in the European and international scene with respect to new communication networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Minister Nikos Pappas said on Tuesday. Talking to journalists in Barcelona, where he visited the Mobile World Congress, Pappas said that Greece was likely to overtake many other European countries.

“We will cover the lost ground that now divides us from the rest of the developed countries in this area,” Pappas said. The minister said that Greece needed to develop new networks and improve its infrastructure in order to better exploit the comparative advantage offered by its geographical position, as a potential hub for north Africa and southeast Europe, as well as an EU memebr-state.

Noting the multiple potential applications that open up from the adoption of new networks, Pappas said also pointed out a need to ensure that all areas of Greece have equal access and that none are excluded.

“The recipe for leaving a region of the country behind in the new wave of growth is precisely to leave it unconnected with high-speed networks. Then you can be certain that you have laid the foundations for new, more intense, regional inequalities,” he said.