Digital radio frequency chart will be published in coming days, Digital Policy Min Pappas says

Minister for Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Nikos Pappas announced the imminent start of a process to allocate digital radio licences, while speaking in Parliament on Monday.

The minister offered assurances that the government will not employ “shock and awe-type tactics” and stressed that nobody needs to worry.

He announced that in the next few days, as part of the agreement, the chart for digital radio frequencies will be published and that this will allow more than 1,300 digital radio stations to broadcast during the transition.

Addressing Parliament during the debate on the draft omnibus bill aiming to conclude the third review of Greece’s programme, Pappas also offered assurances that the FM broadcast band will not be suddenly shut down. A smooth transition process will be followed, he said, while no person or rado station should worry, adding: ‚ÄúThis especially true of any radio station that has employees and by definition produces a programme, generates a product and, again by definition, provides a public service.”