Dijsselbloem: Greece faces more fundamental problems than other EU states with reform programs

Greece faces more fundamental problems than the other EU member-states that joined a bailout program in recent years, Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem said on Tuesday, during a speech at an event organized by Belgian newspaper L’Echo in Brussels.

Commenting about the country, he said it has “more fundamental problems, economic and institutional” and that “trust continues to be a major issue” both between member-states but also “from consumers and investors in the stability of the Greek economy.”

Dijsselbloem also said that the Greek crisis, “after hitting rock bottom in the summer of 2015”, has entered a phase of de-escalation. “We have entered into a constructive dialog with Greek authorities on the third program.

Growth has returned and cooperation is proceeding, although not as fast as many people – including the Greek government – would wish to,” he added.