DIMAR firm in supporting name issue resolution, Theocharopoulos says

The position of the Democratic Left (DIMAR) for the resolution of the FYROM name issue remains firm, DIMAR leader Thanassis Theocharopoulos said in an interview with ‘Ta Nea’ newspaper on Tuesday.

Describing the reasoning behind the DIMAR Central Committee’s decision to vote for the Prespes Agreement, he said: “We have repeatedly expressed the view that we want a sustainable solution, acceptable to both sides. To perpetuate the current impasse risks serving only Skopje’s interests, through a de facto monopolising of the name ‘Macedonia’,” he said.

“A solution can turn Greece into a stabilising factor in the Balkans while creating a powerful shield against the tensions between our country and Turkey,” he added.

Asked whether, through this decision, DIMAR and he were actually supporting the government, Theocharopoulos replied: “We steadfastly oppose the government and support the solution of the name issue. I voted against in the confidence vote… But important national issues cannot be handled from the standpoint of a barren bipartisanship”.