DIMAR President: Actions of KINAL’s leadership ‘politically incomprehensible’

“Major national issues cannot be handled through the narrow outlook of a new bipartisanship,” Democratic Left (DIMAR) President Thanassis Theocharopoulos said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) released on Sunday.

In the interview, he also strongly criticised the stance adopted by the leadership of the Movement for Change (KINAL) party and the decision to expel him from KINAL’s parliamentary group over his support for the Prespes Agreement.

“It is not only a mistake but politically incomprehensible behaviour that is not in line with the principles and positions of the reformist left or of social democracy,” he said, noting that KINAL should have made use of DIMAR’s position in order to express the centre-left voters that supported the agreement but not the government.

Theocharopoulos also revealed that KINAL’s Political Council had voted in favour of the agreement by 5-1 votes, with only the party leader Fofi Gennimata opposed.

“We agreed that the leader should be able to proceed with her own position so as not to hurt the party further,” he added.

Theocharopoulos also accused SYRIZA and ND of attempting to turn a major national issue into a ‘tool’, expressing his belief that a new progressive policy and governance can only be implemented after the elections and with new political balances.

“Whoever doesn’t support the agreement is considered to support [main opposition New Democracy] and whoever votes for the agreement is considered to support the government…We did not give a vote of confidence, therefore the government does not have our confidence for the policies it implements as a whole,” Theocharopoulos pointed out.

He also accused KINAL of failing to chart an autonomous course that could be clearly perceived as centre-left and separate from that of “increasingly right-wing” New Democracy in the eyes of voters.