Dior Hellas reports 13.4 pct increase in sales

Dior Hellas reported a 13.4 pct increase in 2016 sales to 15.231 million euros, from 13.436 million in 2015, confirming a strong recovery trend in the Greek luxury product market, with the biggest increase recorded in Dior’s perfumes (Sauvage, Poison Girl, Miss Dior).

Cosmetic products such as Capture, Totale, Prestige recorded an 11.6 pct increase in sales last year, while make up products (Diorskin Forever) grew 5.8 pct in the year.

This positive results came as a result of a strategic decision taken by Christian Dior, a member of LVMH Group – the largest luxury product group in the world – to strengthen its presence in Greece. Dior Hellas is a 100 pct subsidiary of the French multinational. Dior Hellas ranked top among Dior companies worldwide, according to an evaluation report. Dior Hellas’ sales staff ranked top in the world, while the Greek subsidiary’s total ranking was above the global average.