Diplomatic, consular authorities in Germany closely monitoring case of Greek citizen’s death at Wuppertal

The Greek Consul General in Dusseldorf met with the deputy head of the police in the town of Hagen, near Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia state in Germany, regarding the death of a Greek citizen while in detention at Wuppertal police station, Greek diplomatic sources said on Wednesday.

The Greek Consul General also met with members of the prosecutor’s office at Hagen, and will also attend a meeting of North Rhine-Westphalia parliament’s internal affairs committee about the incident, to be held on Thursday, diplomatic sources added.

Greece’s Ambassador in Berlin has also sent a letter to North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister, requesting a full briefing of the Greek side on the incident.

Meanwhile, the Greek Consulate General in Dusseldorf is in contact with the deceased Greek citizen’s family, it was added.