Direction Business Reports survey: The leaders of Greek business

A survey conducted by Direction Business Reports presented the leaders of Greek business. The survey was based on the balance sheets of 2015, analyzed by Direction Business Reports.

A comparison of the fundamentals of 1,000 companies included in the 2015 ranking with the corresponding figures of the same companies in 2014 showed a decrease of 3.49 pct in terms of turnover, with total sales amounting to 106.43 billion euros in 2015 (excluding the financial sector, ie banks and insurance companies). An impressive increase was recorded in 2015 in total pre-tax amounting to 1.597 billion euros.

Total pre-tax profit including the financial sector recorded a pre-tax loss of 9.158 billion euros (attributed to excessive pre-tax of the banking industry in 2015).

Of the 1,000 companies in the list, a 56.50 pct (565 companies) managed to increase their turnover compared to 2014. The commercial sector, represented by 383 companies in the 2015 survey, had a total turnover of 38.26 billion euros, the industry sector (343 companies) had 33.55 billion euros and the services sector (274 companies) had 50.74 billion euros (if the financial sector is excluded, total sales recorded 34.62 billion euros).

The sectors with the highest turnover in 2015 were: Banks (10 companies) with 12.72 billion euros, the industry of petroleum-refineries (3 companies) with 11.89 billion, the energy sector (21 companies) with 10.59 billion euros, the retail oil sector (22 companies) with 9.73 billion euros, supermarkets (36 companies) with 8.84 billion, the food industry (121 companies ) with 7.22 billion, telecommunications (10 companies) with 4.71 billion, the pharmaceuticals sector with 66 companies and a total turnover of 4.13 billion euros, gambling -casino (3 companies) with 4.06 billion, engineering and construction (33 companies) with 3.51 billion and insurance (29 companies) with 3.41 billion euros.

The results of 383 commercial companies included in the 1,000 largest companies based on turnover in 2015 and comparing them with the respective sizes of the same companies in 2014, shows that the turnover in 2015 fell by 1.61 pct, with total sales amounting to 38.26 billion euros. Total gross profits rose by 3.24 pct and amounted to 6.76 billion euros in 2015. Earnings before taxes amounted to 237.36 million, a decrease of 56.32 pct compared with the 2014. This development is due almost entirely to losses before taxes of 404.93 million euros showed by Marinopoulos SA in 2015, a development that influenced the overall result.

The results of 343 industrial-manufacturing companies included in the 1,000 largest companies based on turnover in 2015 and comparing them with the respective sizes of the same companies in 2014 shows that turnover fell 9.22 pct in 2015, totaling 33.55 billion euros. This decline in sales is largely attributed to the oil refining sector and is associated with falling international prices.