Disease prevention center says it vaccinated 1,500 Roma in Attica camps

Greeceā€™s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) launched last month a vaccination campaign for Roma communities living in camps around Attica, in an effort to reduce the outbreak of measles recorded within their communities, a health ministry official said on Tuesday.

The center has conducted 1,500 MMR vaccinations since the end of August and there is a plan to expand the campaign to camps all over Greece, according to general secretary Stamatis Vardaros.

“Indeed, we have an epidemic of measles in Greece, as well as across Europe,” Vardaros said, adding that health services are alert.

“The vaccination coverage we have for children exceeds 95 percent for measles. And anti-vaccination views still have little influence in [Greek] society as a whole. However, we have populations of vulnerable people who, for various social reasons, do not have the same healthcare and the same percentage of health coverage, and we are making an effort at this time to cover this gap,” he said.