Dividend payment by HCAP to the Greek State

The Hellenic Corporation of Assets & Participations (HCAP) announces that it has proceeded with the payment to the Greek State of a dividend for the fiscal year 2019, amounting to approximately € 42.1 million (compared to approximately € 7.2 million last year).

The significant increase in the dividend was a consequence of the good performance of HCAP and its subsidiaries in 2019 (during which profits more than quadrupled to € 57.1 million from € 13.1 million the previous year).

Regarding the year 2020, and despite the adverse conditions and the fact that some companies in HCAP’s portfolio did not distribute a dividend as they are withholding liquidity for their safe operations during the pandemic crisis (such as, for example, Athens International Airport), HCAP maintains a profitable performance, with profits at a corporate level of approximately € 27.3 million in the first half of 2020.