Dombrovskis: Not helpful to return to economic instability when Greece was on the verge of growth

To return to a period of economic instability and fruitless discussion on the Greek programme at a time when Greece was once again on a path to growth was not helpful, European Commission Vice-President in charge of the Euro Valdis Dombrovskis said on Friday.

Dombrovskis was replying to questions concerning Greece during a press conference held after the ECOFIN Council.

The Commissioner said that an agreement to complete the second review of the Greek programme is possible if all sides contribute constructively. All sides were working to ensure a successful conclusion of the second review, he added, while negotiations on structural reforms were underway.

He also pointed to the Greek economy’s strong performance and higher-than-forecast revenues, with Greece meeting fiscal targets for 2015 and significantly surpassing them in 2016. For the current year, he said that Greece was on the right path and would meet a primary surplus target of 1.75 pct of GDP in 2017, while everything indicated that the country will probably meet the 3.5 pct of GDP target set for 2018.