Dr. Pagoni – December will be difficult – Can we have New Year’s Eve parties with so many dead?

The dramatic message that the NHS is in a “war”, was sent by the president of the hospital doctors union of Athens – Piraeus Matina Pagoni.

As the commandeering for private medical services seems to be at the gates, Ms. Pagoni addressed her private colleagues and invited them to take a “weapon” and assist the NSS.

Regarding the possibility of no prosecution for the protection of private doctors from lawsuits, the president of EINAP, speaking to SKAI TV, commented that the NHS doctors have been left defenseless – even when it was properly established for the two committees, and so for two years now, doctors are in daily confrontations with lawyers outside hospital units and wards.

Domino-like indicators – One tumbles, takes down others

The president of EINAP expressed her concern about the double-digit numbers of deaths in recent days, as only yesterday 80 people lost their lives due to the coronavirus.

She explained that the indicators of the pandemic are like a “domino” that sweeps away everything and when one starts to go down, then the other does so as well. “When the cases go up, it makes sense for a percentage of them to be intubated and die,” Ms. Pagoni said.

The situation will be difficult until the end of December

Ms. Pagoni estimated that the situation will remain difficult until the end of December and that as the incidence of influenza will begin to increase, a wall of immunity needs to be built to be prepared for the coming months.

Especially for Christmas, she wondered how one could wish for a big New Year’s Eve bash with so many cases, deaths and intubations. She added that from her experience of the last two years, citizens do not need anyone to point out to them that they should celebrate, with a few people and with protection measures.

We are bored… We are tired…

“We can not cope. We are bored. We are tired “, added Ms. Pagoni, advising everyone to pay attention and especially to realize that they need to be vaccinated in order to turn the page and move forward.

The president of EINAP spoke about the dramatic situation in the hospitals of Northern Greece with 100% fullness in most hospitals.

She also raised the issue of non-covid patients, saying that it is completely unfair to constantly take their place because they need surgery.