Draft bill based on “Varoufakis’ list” at the cabinet meeting today

Greece wants a mutually beneficial deal with its creditors as soon as possible, even before May 11, a senior government official who participated in the meeting of the political negotiating team at the finance ministry said on Wednesday.

“We want a mutually beneficial agreement as soon as possible – possibly even with an emergency Eurogroup meeting before May 11 – which we connect with a solution to the problem of liquidity,” the official said, adding that an important breakthrough in negotiations would suffice to resolve the liquidity crunch.

He also said the government is not discussing cutting pensions and not backing down from the “red lines” presented by the prime minister, while he noted that it is “not playing political games”. The statement came after comments by European officials in Brussels that if Greece backs down on social security, labour or tax issues, a deal will be brokered.

The same official said that the government will present a draft of the omnibus bill based on “Varoufakis’ list” at the cabinet meeting on Thursday (at 17.00pm), but warned the bill “is not written in stone” and may not be completed in one meeting, or in 1-2 days. Among the unresolved issues is the auctioning of the main residences of debtors, which will be decided on Thursday.

After it is completed, the bill will then be submitted to the Brussels Group which will convene again on Thursday to discuss tax and publicadministration, state assets and the disagreements which remain from the previous meeting.

The official also said the government received a positive climate from the EuroWorking Group (EWG) which is currently convening in Brussels.