Draft bill on medicinal cannabis passed in principle by Parliamentary committees

The government’s draft bill on the production and use of medicinal cannabis products was passed in principle by the relevant parliamentary committees on Wednesday, with the support of ruling SYRIZA and its junior coalition partner ANEL, as well as the Democratic Coalition and Potami parties.

The draft bill was not supported by main opposition New Democracy and far-right Golden Dawn, while the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) asked that it be withdrawn and the Union of Centrists expressed reservations.

Explaining its decision to vote against, ND said that it was not opposed to the use of medicinal cannabis for medical reasons in principle but had opposed the draft bill for its lack of clarity and poor preparation.

“If we try to interpret it and link it to the normal way that government legislates, then it becomes absolutely clear that what is being promoted is the mass and without safeguards cultivation of cannabis in the country,” said ND rapporteur Costas Vlasis.