Draft bill on university police and other changes in universities unveiled

An education ministry and citizen protection ministry bill unveiled on Wednesday introduces three changes to the existing system by which candidates qualify for a place in tertiary education, including that of a minimum pass mark set by each department.

The second change restricts the number of courses candidate can select on their application form, which will be completed in two stages, and a third introduces a maximum time limit οn studies. For the four-year study programmes, students are given an additional two years to complete the course and for university study programmes exceeding four years, an additional three years.

Another three changes are made in draft law with respect to increasing security in university campuses, which include controlled entrance into universities and setting up security structures and a special University Protection Force that will wear a special uniform but not carry guns.

“This bill introduces changes that aim at tackling long standing problems of the system and are at the core of New Democracy’s pre-election pledges,” Education Minister Niki Kerameus said during a press conference on Wednesday.
The draft bill is going to be immediately published online for a period of public consultation. In addition, the minister is expected to hold a briefing on the opening of schools.