Draft bill sets up new agency to register Greek private and public land

The ministry of Environment and Energy tabled a draft bill in Parliament on Tuesday that will establish a new land registry agency, the “Hellenic Cadastre”.

The draft bill is part of the omnibus bill expected to be tabled in Parliament by Tuesday evening.

According to the bill, the agency will come under the Environment ministry’s jurisdiction and will absorb the existing “National Cadastre and Mapping” (EKXA) company.

The attempt to register all private and public land in Greece has been beset with problems for several years. According to the ministry, the current bill will allow the government to formulate a single strategy and coordinate with the support of electronic platforms, allowing the completion of Greece’s mapping by 2020.

Among other new provisions, the bill assigns a unique number to plots of land (instead of by owner’s name), which is expected to clear ownership issues for both public and private property.