Draft bill on tourism voted in principle

The draft bill on Greek tourism was voted in principle in the Parliament’s summer session with the support of the coalition government, PASOK and New Democracy.

During the session, the personal confrontation between the rapporteur of SYRIZA, Kritsotakis, and Tourism Minister, Olga Kefalogiannis, continued whereas there were intense disagreements among the MPs.

The rapporteur of SYRIZA, Kritsotakis, argued that despite government claimed that the number of arrivals had increased, revenues from tourism had not increased because of the model followed by the government, which favors “all inclusive” hotels.

“While the government presented an increase in arrivals by 12%, revenues recorded by the Bank of Greece, increased only by 0.8%”.

Tourism Minister, Olga Kefalogiannis, responding to SYRIZA’s criticism said that these are “outdated perceptions for Greek tourism”.

As for the bill, she focused on the simplification of the licencing procedures for the operation of tourism businesses in Greece by limiting red tape and the improvement of services offered, as well as the provisions on matters related to special tourism infrastructural facilities.