Dragasakis: Aim is to achieve technical agreement with lenders by April 7

The government and the European institutions both aim at achieving a technical deal by April 7, Government Vice-president Yiannis Dragasakis said during an event of the Parliament’s Budget Office on Monday evening.

“The government and the European institutions’ common objective is to complete the technical agreement by April 7 so that purely political issues such as the level and duration of primary surpluses after 2018 will remain to be resolved, the specification of the medium-term measures for the debt, as the clarification of the IMF’s position and role in the Greek program,” he said.

Dragasakis described any talk of a fourth bailout as “unfortunate and dangerous”, saying the government’s main target is the timely completion of the program in 2018 and the termination of the country’s guardianship.

“Once the second review concludes with a comprehensive deal, as the government wants, in April or soon after the IMF governing board’s spring meeting, then the next steps can be accelerated with the participation in the ECB’s bond buying program, the test foray into the markets and the acceleration of the recovery in the second half of 2017,” he added.

He said the government responded promptly to the obligations arising from the original agreement and now seeks to close the review.