Dragasakis: Greece favours a Europe of solidarity and democracy

Greece believes in a Europe governed by democracy, solidarity and social justice, Government Vice-president Yannis Dragasakis said on Wednesday, addressing an event on the “60 Years of the European Union (1957-2017), organized by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

“We are in favour of a Europe of democracy, solidarity and social justice. In favour of the possibility of enhanced cooperation, without exclusions, in a Europe with strong mechanisms for economic convergence and social and regional cohesion,” he said.

“Our country’s place in the euro is a given,” he added, noting however that saying this is not enough.

“The question we ought to answer is which Greece in which Europe can respond in this critical historical juncture to the country’s needs, its youth and [its] people,” he said.

Dragasakis continued to say Europe’s problem is “first and foremost political” and needs a plan to help it exit the crisis through its transformation into a democratic, social union. Furthermore, Greece must contribute meaningfully in the dialog for the future of Europe.