Dragasakis: Greece needs a broad progressive alliance of forces to take it forward

“The next five years will be crucial. We must promptly make use of this opportunity to reorganise the country, to make the necessary changes and solve perennial problems, putting the future on a firm footing so that we never again find ourselves in the same position as in 2010,” government Vice-President and Economy and Development Minister Yiannis Dragasakis said, in an interview with “Ethnos” published on Sunday.

“In order for this to happen, we need a broad, progressive alliance, a broad progressive front, which will exploit these opportunities and the ‘clearing’ we are entering…where we will find ourselves for good after August 21,” he added.

Forming such a large progressive party with a “constellation of political forces” that were willing to make the changes and reforms that the ruling establishment parties routinely overlooked had been SYRIZA’s strategy since the days when it was a small opposition party, he noted.

Repeated elections since 2012 had shown that SYRIZA was the “backbone” of the progressive area, he added, while noting that “there are of course forces apart from SYRIZA that have a place and role in this.”

Asked whether it was possible to avoid implementing the pension cuts due to go into effect in 2019, Dragasakis said the opposition “failed to understand that constant negotiation is a condition of existence in our time, especially when you are in the EU and the Eurozone”.

“If we act wisely, with respect for our commitments and make judicial use of the reserves of credibility that we have built up, we can achieve the best possible result,” he said.