Dragasakis holds talks on setting up Peloponnese Region Bank

The cooperation between the Peloponnese Region and Chinese region of Guizhou, with the aim creating a Greek-Chinese business center in Tripoli and the establishment of a Peloponnese Region Bank, based on Germany’s Sparkassen savings bank, was discussed in a meeting between Government Vice President and Economy and Development Minister Yiannis Dragasakis and Petros Tatoulis, the regional governor of the Peloponnese on Thursday.

According to an announcement, the meeting focused on setting up a Peloponnese Regional Bank, which would involve the majority of shares going to the region and other bodies, while investors could also take part of the share capital.

The purpose of the bank is to provide finance mainly aimed at small to medium sized businesses and securing growth in the region. Dragasakis said he will move ahead with the legal changes needed to allow for the introduction of the bank.