Dragasakis presents government strategy to exit bailout program, boost economy

Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis presented on Tuesday the “4+1 pillars of the government strategy” and the actions required to support them at a SYRIZA event at the old city hall of Imittos.
The five pillars presented by the government are:

1) The “Clearing”: The course for a clear exit from the bailouts, the disengagement from strict guardianship, breaking of the vicious circle of austerity and designing post-bailout Greece.

2) The economy: The course of the economy and its prospects, the transition from recession to stabilization, and from disintegration to productive reconstruction and the new model of Fair and Sustainable Development.

3) Society: The course of society from mass unemployment and marginalization of work to full and decent employment and the upgrading of work. The transition from immediate measures to tackle extreme poverty to the creation of a modern, durable and solidarity-based Social State.

4) Politics: Recovering the credibility of politics and transiting into a credible democratic political system.

5) The Left: The path to building a modern, radical, Left for the 21st century, capable of acting and asserting a role in all the fields in which decisions are made, in society and governance, both nationally and at a European level. Enhancing SYRIZA’s organized presence, political influence and links with society.