Dragasakis: We are implementing reforms that reduce inequalities and improve employment

Government vice president and Economy and Development Minister Yiannis Dragasakis in an interview with Euronews on Tuesday presented the development plan after Greece’s exit from the programme.

He also spoke of the new investment environment, the economic plans and Greece’s role for stability in the wider region.

He stressed the need to support the interest for investments in Greece and combine the citizens’ needs with the needs of the economy.

“We are trying to integrate the people who have been marginalized in the development process. That is why we are talking about inclusive growth. As long as we achieve this through anti-poverty programmes and second-chance programmes, we are trying to support heavily indebted businesses and households, and this also strengthens growth. Therefore, we are entering a phase where the fall has stopped. This is important and the citizens recognize it,” he said.

Dragasakis made clear that reforms will be more intense and will aim to reduce inequalities, boost employment and will help the country move forward.