ESEE: Easter retail turnover up 1.0-1.2 pct

Retail turnover during the Easter period grew by 1.0-1.2 pct while the cost of the household Easter table basket fell by 1.8 pct for the second year in a row, offering evidence of a slight improvement in domestic retail commerce and consumption, Vasilis Korkidis, president of the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) said in statement released on Tuesday.

Korkidis said that first estimates by the Institute of Commerce and Services on higher sales were based both on an annual registered increase of 0.9 pct in the turnover index and on a positive outlook for the current year. “However, since 2018 is a turning point year for the Greek economy, it must be clear that an increase of economic indexes must move in line with an improvement of the real economy,” Korkidis said.

He added that the Easter market was limited in time and money, small in turnover, but very important for the retail commerce sector.