Commission proposes additional 2.5 billion euros for Greece under the SURE program

The European Commission has proposed to the European Council that six EU member-states should receive 3.7 billion euros in additional financial assistance under SURE, the 100-billion-euro instrument designed to protect jobs and incomes affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposals follow formal requests for additional financial assistance under SURE, submitted by Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta, in addition to the support already approved by the Council.

Following an assessment of the requests made by the six member-states, the Commission proposed that the Council approve additional financial assistance of 394 million euros to Belgium, 125 million euros to Cyprus, 2.5 billion euros to Greece, 113 million euros to Latvia, 355 million euros to Lithuania and 177 million euros to Malta. Thus, the total financial assistance proposed by the Commission under SURE amounts to 94.3 billion euros for 19 countries.