Economic University of Athens: The online supermarket sector is still at a premature stage in Greece

The online supermarket sector is still at a premature stage in Greece, a survey by ELTRUN, the e-commerce and business laboratory of the Economic University of Athens said.

The survey, based on a sample of 500 online consumers, said that a 25 pct on online consumers have purchased systematically supermarket products through the internet. This trend is related with difficulties in choosing fresh products and the high delivery cost of specific products ordered online. However, the percentage of online purchases is expected to rise helped by upgraded new online services offered by large supermarkets and a dynamic appearance of digital supermarkets.

More than half participants in the survey said they ordered online to take advantage of specific offers, a trend prevailing in the last 4-5 years during which Greek consumers are increasingly seeking offers.

A 37 pct of respondents said they have ordered online to cover their need for a specific occasion (shopping mission), a trend related with de-stocking food at home. A 37 pct of respondents also said they used online orders for the weekly purchases.

A vast majority of respondents (83 pct) said they opted for home delivery, while a 71 pct said they would choose click & collect services although the majority said they would not pay extra for this service.

The results of the survey said that the biggest percentage of consumers said they were satisfied with delivery experience, while consumers were less satisfied with other advanced services such as order returns and access on information over delivery stages.