Economou: Citizens should act responsibly and strictly observe the protection measures

Τhe new state budget marks Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ decision to build on all that has been achieved until now and to lead the country and the people to development and progress, stated government spokesperson Yiannis Economou on Monday, during a briefing of the press.

“It is developmental, social, reforming and fully consistent with the policy of prosperity and growth we are following. It serves the government’s pre-election pledge to relieve the citizens from burdensome taxes imposed by the previous government, he explained.

On the pandemic, Economou said that the Omicron variant is causing concern in the international community and in all EU countries and he referred to the previous week’s European Council’s results, which emphasised the importance of vaccination, , among others.

He also said that the govenrment asked the citizens to act responsibly and strictly observe the protection measures against the pandemic during the holidays.

The use of mandatory rapid tests to enter certain indoor venues with high levels of traffic, to be paid for by the individuals involved, is among the measures that may be introduced in response to the Omicron variant, Economou said.

He also said the measure may be taken, depending on the recommendations of the experts, during the holidays and will be announced well ahead of time.

Economou noted that the situation concerning Omicron was “a dynamic process” and was being closely monitored, along with the steps taken in the rest of Europe, in order to protect Greece.

“The momentum of Omicron and the new situation in brings may possibly force us to take measures of this sort to further protect the vaccinated also, as the new variant is uncharted territory,” he added.
He noted that all countries were being forced to adjust their strategy and take additional measures in response to Omicron but clarified that there were no recommendations currently concerning schools.