Economou: Extending mandatory vaccination to other sectors is an option we always keep in mind

“The options to extend compulsory vaccination already exist everywhere, not just in schools, but in terms of living and working in the public sphere. Depending on the size of the pandemic and the rate of increase in vaccination, it is an option that we always have in mind to enlist in the fight against the coronavirus,” government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said on Tuesday in an interview with SKAI TV.

“So the prospect of using this solution exists for everyone, it also exists for teachers if the need arises, despite the fact that the percentages there are very high,” he added.

“Especially for education we need to clarify two things: the choice, the preparation, the planning of the government is for the educational process to operate with physical attendance, in schools and universities, and I do not think that anyone questions the necessity of this for educational, psychological as well as social reasons,” Economou noted.

Thereore, he added, “we have a framework of measures that puts a lot of emphasis on diagnostic tests. There are some protocols from the experts on how to respond if we have cases and mainly there is the vaccine and campaigns will be further strengthened to urge people get vaccinated,” he said.