Economou: Government proceeding with a plan to protect against the pandemic

“We are proceeding with a plan, protecting public health and social and economic life to the highest possible degree,” stated government spokesperson Yiannis Economou regarding the course of the pandemic during a press briefing on Monday.

He said that a sharp drop in the number of infections has been observed in the last few days, allowing a cautious optimism.

Economou clarified that the simultaneous presence of the Omicron and Delta variants is maintaining the high pressure on the national health system.

On the measures to support enterprises, employees and the unemployed, Economou pointed out that over 43 billion euros have been allocated for this purpose and repeated that the government remains committed to exhausting the available margins for supporting those impacted by the pandemic.

Regarding the energy crisis, he quoted Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ pledge to support the households and enterprises for as long as the energy crisis lasts.