Economou: Greece is voting on a deal that upgrades it geopolitically and geostrategically

“Today, in Parliament, Greek deputies will face a historic day, as they will be called to vote on an agreement that upgrades our country geopolitically and geostrategically,” government spokesperson Yannis Economou said on Thursday in an interview with ANT1.

Economou said that the Greek-French agreement is the first step toward strategic autonomy for Europe, as well as being an agreement with the largest military force in the region that “is making Turkey go into a tailspin.” The agreement, he added, was “such a big, a historically important message that no communications situation can eclipse it, even if it is also temporarily inserted beside it in the agenda.”

As he noted, the agreement increases the geopolitical footprint of our country, consolidates its role in the Eastern Mediterranean and “everyone today, in Parliament, must approach it according to its criticality, size and importance for the country and their citizens.”