Economou: It is too early to speak about relaxation of measures

“The government is not making any proposals for the measures. We are waiting for the suggestions of the committee,” government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said on Tuesday in an interview with SKAI TV on the protection measures against the pandemic.

“We still have to be careful. I think the data will be evaluated every week. We will wait for the committee’s suggestion. It is too early at this time to talk about relaxation and to send this message. I do not rule out the possibility of some changes,” the government spokesman said, pointing out that committee suggestions are always taken seriously into consideration by the government.

Regarding the estimate that the pandemic comes to an end with the “Omicron” variant, he said that it is a health issue, but what we know is that this variant has a very high transmissibility but it does not cause serious hospitalisations.

“We have to follow the scientific studies and announcements,” he added.

Αfter stating that monoclonal antibodies treatment has already been provided to over 50 regions of the country, Εconomou stressed that as soon as the administration of other drugs is considered safe, the government will do everything necessary for their supply.