Economou says that the lockdown is not in the government’s plans

Government spokesperson Yiannis Economou on Sunday in an interview with the Sunday edition of Kathimerini newspaper said that the pandemic is a dynamic phenomenon and the government is taking all the necessary measures after examining the epidemiological, economic and social conditions. “The lockdown is not in our plans and will not be” he said.

He also underlined that the Church will do its duty, humanitarian and national, and the state will do its own job. “We remain focused on the target and we do not seek for unnecessary tensions”.
Speaking about the energy crisis and the support of the vulnerable households, Economou noted that the government saw the problem on time and implemented a dynamic society support plan in order for the price hike to have the least possible effect on the households.

On the possibility of the export of Turkey’s internal crisis he said that “Greece is closely monitoring the developments, “we are not complacent but we also are not afraid”. All those we have succeeded in the last two years have strengthen our geostrategic and geopolitical imprint both in our neighbourhood and in the eastern Mediterranean in general”.