Economou sees explosion of prosperity and development after the pandemic

“With the institutional infrastructure, with the digital foundations that we have created, the country is changing levels and, after the pandemic, there will be a cosmogony of prosperity and development in the country, which will return to the citizens,” government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said on Tuesday during a press briefing.

Economou pointed out that “the government supports society actively and effectively,” and referred to the three new interventions announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, emphasising that more than one million citizens will benefit and 338.5 million euros will be allocated.

The government spokesperson also referred to the 2022 budget submitted last week.

“Our basic economic principle is the conversion of the economic advantage into a social acquis for the benefit of all Greeks,” Economou said, adding that the budget “does not include new taxes but provides for, introduces, additional tax reductions.”

He also referred to pioneering interventions to boost employment and support the younger generation, noting that these concerned measures amounting to 697 million euros in 2021 to support the primary sector, households, businesses and young people and 433 million euros in 2022.

He also said that the growth rate is projected to reach 6.9 pct of GDP in 2021 and 4.5 pct of GDP for 2022, stressing that “cumulative growth will bring the domestic product to pre-pandemic levels and make it higher.”