Economou: The government has built a safety net; the state does not leave anyone alone

“No bureaucracy, simple, quick moves, to start compensating the people affected by the fires and to rebuild the affected areas”, government spokesperson Yiannis Ikonomou said on Saturday in an interview with Skai TV referring to the compensation of the fire victims, noting that 540 people have already seen money in their bank accounts a day after they electronically submitted an application.

The government spokesman also said that in these two years the government has built a safety net and the state does not leave anyone alone in the problems it encounters.

Regarding the phone contact between Pirme Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he stated that it was done on the initiative of the Greek Prime Minister.

“There is an understanding of the whole situation. And on the other hand there is a clear picture. Clear explanations from the Greek side, we see how we can support the countries that are close to Afghanistan, so that the people who leave can stay close to their homes, so that if, and when, the conditions are right, they can return. But, nevertheless, it is clear that, just as Turkey does not want to have massive flows on its territory – as Erdogan said some days ago – it is absolutely clear that Greece has now completely changed course and philosophy compared to what was in force four and five years ago. It has shielded its borders, it has institutional procedures, which provides for what happens to migrants and refugees. There is no way we can relive those chaotic moments we experienced in 2015.”