Economou: The government measures have increased the vaccination coverage

“We are implementing a very difficult strategy, to keep the country and society open, the economy and education in operation and at the same time to support the health system, by strengthening it with human resources and adding beds from the private sector. At the same time, we are making a huge effort to increase vaccination coverage,” government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said in an interview ANT1 TV, about the government’s strategy in the new phase of the pandemic.

The government spokesperson noted that “everywhere in Europe we are seeing a resurgence and many countries are adjusting the way they are dealing with the pandemic.” He pointed out that the government measures have increased vaccination coverage, as in the last month more than 500,000 people have made appointments for the first dose, while the appointments for the third dose are progressing very satisfactorily.

Economou reiterated that “the country will not close, we will not put further restrictions on those vaccinated” and that “if there is a need for some interventions, we will consider them.”

He reiterated that those who are not vaccinated must undergo frequent testing in order to do basic activities and there are places they cannot access if they insist on being unvaccinated.