Economou: We are now seeing a pandemic of the unvaccinated

The pandemic we are now experiencing is the pandemic of the non-vaccinated. Nine of 10 patients intubated in ICUs and the overwhelming majority of those who ‘depart’ are unvaccinated, government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said on Friday in an interview with SKAI radio.

He stressed that the vaccination effort must obviously continue, adding that the vaccine is safe and does not cause problems, while underlining there is no other way to protect oneself and others from Covid-19, and therefore no excuse for someone to insist on not getting vaccinated.

Economou also ruled out the possibility of a new lockdown, while making it clear that the pandemic was far from over: “Every day we monitor the data and the way the figures and indicators are changing. The truth is that we are seeing a rise in recent days. We are not done with the pandemic. The novel coronavirus is still here.”

On Greek-Turkish relations, he said that the government is prepared at all levels in order to not get trapped in painful dilemmas. “This was a very clear strategy adopted from the first moment we came into government. A multi-level foreign policy,” he said.