Econ Min implements actions to offer liquidity to the economy and promote new development model

The Economy Ministry will implement a series of actions in the first months of the year to provide substantial liquidity to the economy and to promote a new development model that will address the structural problems of the Greek economy. The new priorities of the ‚ÄúCompetitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation‚ÄĚ (EPAnEK) Operational Programme, were defined by the Deputy Economy Minister Alexis Charitsis, and they concern investments of new generation projects as well as large-scale projects.

It is estimated that the project integration will exceed 60 pct of the program budget by 2018.

The expenditure on the operational program will arise from:

– research and technology projects

– the implementation of actions to boost entrepreneurship and business. It mainly concerns supporting self-employment of scientists, start-up entrepreneurship, upgrading small and micro enterprises and boosting tourism businesses

– technologies, IT and communications projects from energy projects (infrastructure and energy saving)

– the European Social Fund projects relating to actions for human resources and the upgrading of public administration

– the implementation of infrastructure projects in the fields of tourism and culture.