Economy minister: Completion of 2nd program review is precondition for recovery in 2017

Economic recovery will be achieved in Greece if the second program review is completed, Economy Minister Dimitris Papadimitriou said on Friday during a speech at an “Economist” event titled “The World in 2017 Gala Dinner”.

“The data certify the end of recession already from 2016. To finalise recovery in 2017, the condition is the completion of the second program review and the inclusion of Greek bonds in ECB’s quantitative easing program which will allow the increase of liquidity and the reduction of lending rates towards the state, banks and businesses,” he told attendees.

“The critical nature of our times requires the successful completion of the Greek program for both Greece and the EU, in terms not only economic, but also of social sustainability. Because Greece cannot afford further delays and setbacks, and Europe needs to strengthen its union and proceed with its integration to avoid a new systemic crisis” he added.

Papadimitriou also said Greece could achieve a double-digit increase in investment volume in 2017.