Economy Minister G.Stathakis: The agreement with the lenders is expected to close soon

Τhe agreement with the lenders is expected to close in the Holy Week, Economy Minister George Stathakis on Wednesday said in statements to SKAI TV. I take it for granted that the agreement will close soon and will lead to the disbursement of funds for Greece and to the next medium-term agreement, he noted.

“The government will abolish the opening of stores on Sundays,”

Stathakis added. He said that it will reinstitute the old system that allowed stores to open only two Sundays of the year and it is considering allowing regional governors and local association to open the stores two more Sundays during the sales period.

Regarding the regional airports, he said that a discussion will be held with the German joint venture that has been selected on the improvement of the terms as well as on the participation of the public sector and the concession period (50 years), which he termed as extravagant.

As for the Piraeus port, he said that a multi-share system is being examined with the participation of the public sector and not a 100 percent privatisation. He also noted that the model chosen for the construction of the motorway concession has collapsed because there was an overestimation of the potential of the construction of such roads with bank financing.

Asked whether the tolls will be reduced, he replied that he does not have to say anything on this right now. For the problem caused with those who have taken loans in Swiss Francs, he explained that before legislating, the ministry will first wait the ruling of the court. As regards bad loans, he said that they are considering the creation of a fund with social features, that will operate out of the banking system.

Finally, on the submission of a proposal to set up an investigating committee, he said that “if the procedure is carried out in a proper way … light will be shed on an important period.”