Economy Minister Stathakis: Τhe economy is now entering the phase of recovery

SYRIZA maintains the contact with society, underlined Economy, Growth and Tourism Minister George Stathakis in an interview to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

Referring to the messages that the government receives from the citizens he said that “the social strata we represent have received disappointments” but as he stressed “they continue to believe in our efforts and support our reforms”. Stathakis also said that “the economy is now entering the phase of recovery and this will become more and more apparent in the everyday life”.

He noted that “as long as we continue on this course, by the end of our four-year tenure the dynamic will be on our side” and said that the figures on the course of the Greek economy indicate that the goal of this government for fair growth is feasible.

On the second review of the Greek programme he said that we all wish to close soon while on the debt issue he underlined that in the following weeks IMF’s review on the sustainability of the Greek debt will be completed “on this basis we will discuss the size and the context of the mid-term interventions that are necessary and must be agreed immediately, until Christmas the latest” he said.