Economy ministry denies ouster of Greek system from EA, says exports not at risk

Greece’s Economy and Development Ministry on Thursday strenuously denied press reports claiming that the national accreditation system was no longer recognised by the European cooperation for Accreditation (EA) body and that
Greek exports may have to be suspended.

“There is no danger for Greek exports and the accreditation sector,” Alternate Economy and Development Minister Alexis Charitsis said, announcing that the ministry was currently preparing legislation to ensure the national body’s compliance with EA standards and European law.

Charitsis said the ministry was in monitoring the issue in close contact with the EA and had taken all action necessary to overcome problems created by the “rushed and poorly designed mergers of National Accreditation System with the Hellenic Standardisation Organisation (ELOT) and the National Institute of Metrology by the ND-PASOK government.”

According to Charitsis, the then government had pressed ahead with the merger over the objections of the EA, which had raised issues of incompatibility between the missions of the three agencies. As a result, the EA was now demanding action to ensure the autonomy of the Greek acceditation system in line with European law, Charitsis said. At no time, however, had the ousting of the Greek system from the EA been raised, nor the blocking of Greek exports, he added.