Economy’s recovery will accelerate in coming months, says Gov’t VP Dragasakis

The economy is on course for a recovery that will accelerate in coming months, government vice president Yiannis Dragasakis said on Monday, addressing a Capital Markets Commission event.

He underlined that the government’s target is to have left behind the memoranda and close surveillance in a few months from now.

The government is planning and will set in motion the transition to a new model of sustainable and equitable growth, he noted.

Dragasakis stressed that “covering the financing and investment gap can’t and must not be done on the same terms as in the past,” adding that before the crisis there was no lack of financing or investments but the resources were squandered. The poltical and economic system of the past were responsible for this waste, he added, noting that the economy in the coming phase needed a plan for the post-memorandum era in Greece.